The 2017 Coal Harbour Photo Contest

Voting is Now Closed

Winners will be announced soon.

We hope you’ll also vote for next year’s photos when the time comes. Thank you for your interest in our Photo Contest.

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Sam Huang PREC with his website is holding a photography contest to gather beautiful photographs of the neighbourhood of Coal Harbour in downtown Vancouver. Significant prize money will be awarded to owners of the top three photos submitted. Winners will be decided by popular vote.

    1. First Prize – The participant whose photograph has the most votes by the end of voting Sunday, December 10 at 11 pm will be awarded the first prize of $1,000.
    2. Second Prize – The participant whose photograph has the second most votes by the end of voting will be awarded the second prize of $500.
    3. Third Prize – The participant whose photograph has the third most votes by the end of voting will be awarded the third prize of $250.
    4. Honourable Mentions – 10 “Honourable Mention” prizes of $25 will be awarded at the judges discretion to participants who submit photos.
    1. Entries – Contest starts on Monday, October 2. Participants may register below and submit photographs until Monday, November 6. at 11 pm
    2. Voting – Voting by the general public starts Thursday, November 9 at 10 am, and ends Sunday, December 10 at 11 pm.
    3. Winners – All prize winners will be announced on this page on Friday, December 15. Winners will also be notified by email.
    1. Contest is open to all legal residents of British Columbia who are eighteen (18) years of age or older as of November 6, 2017. Contest organizers may deny participation, and not award prizes to entrants who do not abide by these rules.
    2. The Contest Rules and Regulations on this page are the sole Rules and Regulations for the contest. No other rules and regulations will apply except at the discretion of the contest organizers.
    When entering the contest, participants agree to the following:

    1. A maximum of 3 entries per person.
    2. Photographs must be original, never before published online, in print, or in any other form or fashion.
    3. Participants must only submit photographs taken by themselves, or have written permission to submit a third party’s work.
    4. It must be obvious when looking at the photograph that it was taken IN Coal Harbour, or it should showcase the neighbourhood of Coal Harbour in some way. Participants may be asked to disclose the location where the picture was taken in order to be considered.
    5. The copyright will, at all times, be respected by the organizers of this contest, and retained by the photographer. The contest organizers reserve the right to free reproduction of images entered in the contest in all media, but only in connection with promoting this contest for this year and future years.
    6. Photo submissions should NOT, in any form:
      1. Depict or imply nudity, profanity or sexual contents,
      2. Depict or condone violence or intolerance,
      3. Depict or imply unlawful or threatening behaviour.
    7. If a photo submission depicts any identifiable person, the entrant submitting the photo must have written permission of the subject(s) to use their image.
    8. Submissions must not be larger than 2 Megabytes file size. Files should be in jpg, jpeg or png format only.
    1. Entrants’ contact information, with the exception of their city of residence, and any information gathered by the contest organizers will be managed responsibly, and not disclosed to any party without their prior consent.
    1. In order to claim a prize, contestants must show up in person at the appointed place and time, and present Government issued proof of identity.
    2. By entering the Contest, participants consent to have their names, city of residence, photographs, and images used for any publicity and commercial purposes by Sam Huang Personal Real Estate Corporation.
    1. In case the public vote results in a draw, organizers will pick ONE winner for each prize at their discretion.
    2. Regardless of the number of votes for each prize, only one prize will be awarded to each person. For example, if the same person’s photos have both the most votes and the second most votes, that person will be awarded one prize only. The person who submitted the photo with the next most number of votes will be awarded the second prize.
    3. Contest organizers will do their best to handle all entries responsibly. However, they assume no responsibility for entries lost, late, damaged, or otherwise not considered. Results cannot be challenged after winners are announced.
    1. Employees, associates, customers, or suppliers of Sam Huang Personal Real Estate Corporation, Andy Hsu Personal Real Estate Corporation, RE/MAX Real Estate or any of its affiliated companies, Top Agent Internet Marketing Inc or Standard Marketing Ltd are not eligible to enter the contest.


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